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At SEE, we regularly try and push ourselves further, as a company, as a community and as people. On June 4 2017 Anya, Jane, Layla, William and Peter at SEE will take part in The Uganda Marathon, joining 3000 local runners for the largest fundraising event in the country.


This is more than a race. A week prior to the big run we’ll be giving back to community projects in the region; in the weeks leading up to our departure we’ll be raising funds to give those projects a further boost. (Details here).


It’s more too than just a foreign vacation. Incomes in London / Montreal / Taipei are around 20 times that of those we’re visiting. What does such a difference mean to us? How does it make us feel witnessing it first hand? Will it change our focus and perspective on the world?


For our own physical fitness as well the event is a target to build up to: encouraging us to step up! Perhaps the start even of a running habit? The healthier we are the better we’ll be able to contribute to the world!


We know taking part in an event like this is a great privilege, especially when there are still serious issues of poverty, lack of opportunity, gaps in education that are closer to home and we could help these instead… so, why Uganda?


On balance, we selected this event because it combined tourism (with the company wanting to offer an exciting reward to its hard-working and valued employees), an athletic target (since Peter discovered the joy of running again 2 years ago and wanted to share this with his team), and above all broadening our horizons and giving back to people in need, irrespective of where they come from or which border they live behind.


We suspended what is usually a fancy annual party in London to pay for this big event. Whilst celebrating successes and particularly thanking our clients through celebratory events is important, this year and, particularly, in today’s global environment, we wanted to prioritize giving back beyond our immediate local circle.